Why Nobilis?

Why I started this company in the first place:

For years my job title was Trombonist, Singer, and Educator. I grew into Bandleader, Arranger, and Composer. Gradually I was also wearing the hats of Booking Agent, Tour Manager, Business Manager, Record Producer, Publicist, Driver and Entrepreneur. When all the hats began to obstruct my view of the music, I realized that it was time to reach out for support. Every book on “How to be a successful musician” describes the process of hiring a management team one member at a time; the arduous process of researching, interviewing and taking a risk on each manager, agent, publicist, etc… While observing and talking to other musicians I admired, I began to wonder why each of us must assemble a separate team. Couldn’t we share resources and streamline the process? Knowing so keenly what help I wished for and what support I could personally contribute, I founded Nobilis Music Group as a support system to be shared by a collection of hand-picked extraordinary musicians.

I see Nobilis as an agency which elevates and celebrates excellence. By focusing on honesty and quality over chaos and hype, I look forward to fostering long-term positive relationships with diverse music venues, festivals, schools, and private clients in order to provide distinctive and creative music to audiences world-wide.

Looking Forward,

Emily Asher, Founder and Managing Director