Endangered Species Trio

Acoustic Whimsical Chamber Pop

Endangered Species is a lively collaboration of Oakland based accordionist, pianist, and composer Rob Reich, New York based reedman Tom Abbott, and trombonist, vocalist, and composer Emily Asher. The band takes full advantage of their quirky instrumentation of accordion, bass saxophone, and trombone as the three characters explore, compose, and improvise together.  Their address is the intersections of American popular song, a century of jazz history, multi-cultural folk music, and extraordinary classical melodies. Endangered Species released a playful six-song EP, Home on the Range, and toured the U.S. West Coast in 2014 and in early 2015, completed a two week residency at the prestigious Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada. Music critic Michael Steinman says, "There's no one like them, and we hope they are never Endangered for real."

 "When Endangered Species takes up a song like Irving Berlin’s “Marie,” Asher’s vocal has the effect of time travel, taking the listener back to 1929, which feels pretty good. -Paul de Barros, The Seattle Times           

The weirdest combination of instruments I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.” - Caitlin Ferguson, program coordinator The Banff Centre  

Refreshing, Smart and Sexy.”  - Gianna Lauren, Singer-Songwriter

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Endangered Species EPK Brooklyn, NY March 2014

Endangered Species at Rolston Recital Hall at The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta "Fair Chance" by Rob Reich