The New Wonders

Authentic 1920's Jazz

The New York City based septet led by cornetist Mike Davis, vividly invoke America’s Jazz Age during the 1920s, when jazz was the soundtrack for dramatic national changes and played a central part in people's dreams, adventures and romances.
Exquisite attention to musical detail and the band's deep passion for the original recordings is evident in each performance. Named for the model of cornet played by the enigmatic genius Bix Beiderbecke, the New Wonders craft each song as if it were a 78 rpm record, and the result has been praised by Downbeat Magazine and the New York Times. The New Wonders perform regularly around New York city, chasing the echoes of bootleg liquor and dancing feet.

An “unexpected delight” -The New York Times 

“Mike Davis… appeared to have emerged from a time portal from the year 1927.” -Downbeat Magazine

“Eloquent trumpet prodigy” -The Wall Street Journal

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The New Wonders play "The Baltimore" at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola, NYC. Oct 2014. Video credit Michael Katsobashvili

 Photo by Jane Kratochvil

Photo by Jane Kratochvil