Sean Cronin's Very Good

Theatrical Chamber Rock

Imagine folk music from a country that doesn't exist. Picture The Beatles tripping down the escalator and landing on Dmitri Shostakovich's luggage, (and apologizing in gibberish). Think of inhaling a worm and sneezing out a butterfly

Sean Cronin's Very Good is a performative juggernaut. This eight-piece New York based ensemble incorporates elements of Rock, Americana, Ethnic Folk musics, Jazz, Modern Classical, Improv theatre, and Absurdist literature into each show. The result is something familiar yet foreign, honest yet hidden, and vulnerable yet masked.

"Sean Cronin's Very Good."

-Jolie Holland

"Very Good."

-Dave Douglas

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Sean Cronin's Very Good performs "Hot Pools" live at Club Bonafide in Manhattan April 2, 2016 

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Sean Cronin's Very Good at Rockwood Music Hall, Oct 2015, New York